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    Nah....... Da wird mal T3 gecraftet und ich bin nich da.... :/

    Hoffentlich klappts damit wir es bald nochmal machen können.

    Wünsche euch gutes Gelingen!

    Die Katti

    P.S.: Ich möchte hiermit schonmal den T3-Craft-Schild vorbestellen^^

    Klingt ja super!

    Also ich hab T3,5 einmal gesehen und das war jetzt nich so erfolgreich, was hoffentich nicht an mir lag.^^
    Also sollten sich genug Leute finden hätte ich da auch echt ma Bock zu. Nur sollte der T3,5 von der Priorität hinter den T6 gesetzt werden.

    Aber wenns wirklich so einfach ist, sollte man drüber nachdenken viellelicht mal 2 Wochen vorher nen T3,5 anzusetzen und sich das dann "einfach mal so" anzuschaun und zu gucken was man da so reißt.

    Also ich wär dabei. :thumbsup:

    die Katti

    Hey all,

    After considering the feedback we received, I thought I should share the
    changes we have implemented in regards to nerfing older, less relevant
    raid tiers. Without further ado...

    Tier 3 - Thoth-Amon's Stronghold

    The Risen Guardians

    - The ramping damage on Incinerate stacks has been reduced

    - The Blood Frenzy NPC buff has been reduced


    - Miasma's cast timer has been increased slightly

    - The Harbinger of Death has had his damage output reduced slightly


    - The cone angle on Carve has been reduced

    - Blood Draw's cast timer has been increased slightly

    Master Gyas

    - Butcher damage has been reduced slightly

    Favoured of Louhi

    - The Phylacteries have had their damage output reduced slightly

    Keeper of Artifacts

    - The Keeper of Artifacts will no longer use his mace and its relevant spellset, removing the random element to the encounter


    - The Overlord add will no longer cast Demonic Puppet

    - The Obliterator add will no longer cast Demonic Eruption

    - The number of corpses on the floor has been significantly reduced

    Tier 3.5 - The Temple of Erlik

    Archfiend of Gore

    - Only one quadrant at a time will ever be selected to fill with blood

    - The Deicide spell has been removed

    - The severity of the debuffs received when drawing the buffs off of the Archfiend has been significantly reduced

    - The Archfiend of Gore has had his damage output reduced slightly

    Arch Lector Zaal

    - Zaal has had his damage output reduced slightly

    - Zaal will no longer drop Hearts of Tammuz

    The Bat of Nergal

    - The required number of parasite jumps has been reduced to 6, down from 12

    - All relevant spells and mechanics tied to the Heart of Tammuz have been removed

    - Dimensional Aftershock has been removed

    - The Bat of Nergal has had his damage output reduced slightly

    Tier 4 - The Jade Citadel

    General Sheng

    - Runner health has been reduced slightly

    - Runners now have a significant snare applied to them when they spawn

    - The Storm of Arrows spell/mechanic has been removed

    - The Volley spell damage has been reduced slightly

    - The Aflame spell damage has been reduced

    The Imp

    - The Imp has had his health pool reduced significantly

    The Zodiac

    - No more than 2 spells will ever need to be countered per Avatar

    - The damage frequency on the Emperor's room-wide damage spells has been reduced

    - There is no longer a time limit to summoning an Avatar after a previous Avatar has been killed

    - The Symbols are now stationary at the room's main cardinal points

    - The general enrage timer has been removed

    Emperor Yah Chieng

    - The Bone Golems will now always spawn in the same location

    - The Emperor's clones have had their damage output reduced significantly

    - The Emperor has had his damage output reduced

    - The Bone Golems have had their damage output reduced

    - Bone Golems will now spawn 50% slower

    The Memory Cloud

    - Reduced the amount of global trash

    - Teleport portals that lead between memory locations are now useable simultaneously

    The Entity

    - The buff available to raiders after defeating a Mental Projection has had its potency increased significantly

    - Killing Mental Projections now deals direct damage to the Entity

    Discussion regarding these changes is welcome, however keep in mind that
    any comments that don't follow the basic rule of civility and relevance
    will largely be ignored.